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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Skye Roads

How do we get about, up here in the Far North? Well, it's not all dark ages. Running the length of Skye, from the Bridge at Kyleakin in the south east, to the Outer Isles ferry terminal at Uig in the north west is the A87. A fine, two-way traffic road full of sweeping curves, wonderful views and a few potholes. Leading off the A87 is the A851 to Armadale in the south, and the A863 and A850 which loop to Dunvegan in the west. These are also two-way roads, also with sweeping curves and wonderful views, plus rather more potholes - but still offering good routes around the island. Then there's the A855 to Staffin in the north east. This busy-in-summer road still has sections of single track, so can be a bit tiresome to drive along in peak tourist season, though you get plenty of time to admire more wonderful views - which on this road are awesome.

Everywhere else is served by single track roads, usually dotted with frequent passing places. The primary purpose of these roads (apart from providing a firm surface across the moor for the locals to drive over) is to test the summer visitor's nerves and ability to reverse their rental car or motor caravan. When meeting an oncoming vehicle, it is NEVER a good idea to drive off the road onto the verge. The verges are ALWAYS boggy, and you may have to wait quite a while for someone in a 4x4 who is carrying a tow-rope to happen along and pull you back onto the road. By then, you will probably discover that on leaving the firm surface, you shredded the inside sidewalls of one or even two of your tyres on the frequently razor-sharp edge of the tarmac.

Incidentally, single-track roads almost always finish at a dead end. This feature provides visitors with a further opportunity to practice their reversing skills - and then you have the fun of retracing your route to the main road you left some dozen or so miles before.

I have rummaged in my photo archive again, and offer for your perusal, a selection of Skye Roads photos in no particular order. Enjoy!

A863 towards Sligachan

A863 towards Dunvegan

A87 approaching Portree - note the 'normal' Skye winter weather...

Single-track road to Glendale from Dunvegan.
This is the only straight bit - after this it's a dozen or more tortuous miles to the popular Neist Point - busy in summer

Single track through Dunvegan Woods - this road leads to the popular 'Coral Beach'

A855 passing Storr Lochs - single track section. The road was being re-surfaced. Yes - that IS a sheep on the road.

A87 towards Sligachan

Single track towards Orbost

A87 towards Sligachan

Totaig (near Dunvegan). It's an interesting challenge to turn left off the 'main' road onto the 'minor' one!

The road to Bay

A87 entering Dunan (near Broadford)

A87 towards Sligachan

Typical spring hazard at Coillore - ewe and lamb about to attack photographer

The Hill Road from Portree to Struan. Built by Skye crofters as a joke - the tourist's Sat Navs send them all down this route as it is slightly shorter than using the main roads. Great fun watching the camper vans trying to reverse when they meet another one coming the other way.
A855, single track section approaching The Storr

By the way - have you noticed the complete lack of traffic in these pictures? They are nearly all taken in winter... It can get a wee bit busier in summer!

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