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Richard and Sue


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Skye's Sea Cliffs

A big part of the beauty of the landscape of the Isle of Skye can be attributed to the combination of moorland, mountains and water - ever-changing vistas of which appear around almost every bend in the road. Much of the water is the sea - Skye is deeply intersected by several large sea-lochs. Where land meets water, it is not unusual for the moors to end very abruptly, with un-fenced dizzying drops of as much as a thousand feet to the swirling sea below.

Bàch nan Gunnaichean, Trotternish, north Skye.
It's not just our western part of Skye which is awesome!

Biod Bàn (and Sue - if you look closely)

Descending Ramasaig Cliff -
it is steeper than it looks, and features a very rare section of fenced cliff edge

MacLeod's Maidens
The distant islands are Rum (bumpy) and Canna (flatter)

Waterstein Head and Neist Point from Gob na Hoe.
North Uist on the horizon.
Note the 'bump' in the finger of land that ends at Neist Point...
this is An t-Aigeach... To give a sense of scale, look at the next picture -

An t-Aigeach

Osgill Bay and Biod Bàn

Talisker Bay and Biod Ruadh

Towards Gob na Hoe

From Gob na Hoe

South east towards Idrigill Point

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