The purpose of this blog is to publish some of our pictures of the Isle of Skye, Scotland. We lay no claim to these being great photographs - they are just pictures of what we see, taken with ordinary compact cameras. We hope you enjoy browsing.

Richard and Sue


Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Before modern methods of transport brought wooden posts and beams to Skye, the only building materials available were those that could be derived from the land - and pretty much the only long-lasting building material was stone.

Around us here in NW Skye, the local stone is volcanic basalt - a hard, black rock which can be dressed to create roughly cubic building blocks. However, basalt is seriously heavy - a one-foot cube weighs around half a hundredweight (25kg), which is as much as I would want to lift these days. There are many, many blocks of double that size (and more) embedded in walls all over Skye...and even in Roskhill Barn!

Roskhill Barn
During our first works at The Barn, the original stonework was substantially restored 

Today, the human endeavour involved in creating stone walls is mostly forgotten, and many of the ancient walls are tumbled and becoming re-absorbed by the surrounding moorland. I offer below just a tiny number of the photographs I have taken of stone walls in our local area of NW Skye. Can you even begin to imagine the skills required to create such structures...??

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Large animal enclosures above Loch Bharcasaig.

Lichen-covered wall at Claigan

Long-abandoned township boundary wall, Cnoc na Pairce

Huge stones in the wall of the derelict sawmill at Dunvegan

Large animal pen - Eabost

Even larger animal pen - Glen Colbost

Today, it is easier to erect a new fence than to repair an old wall...

Fireplace and gable end wall of derelict cottage in Lorgill

Old wall - newer fence -Lyndale

Beautiful stonework - Orbost

More Orbost walls

Interior - St John's Chapel, Caroy

Boundary wall, Sumardale

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Skye Kat

It is now almost exactly a year since I bought Puss - my wonderful Winter Gold Jaguar XK. I gain almost as much pleasure from looking at the car as I do from driving her - and believe me, she is every bit as lovely to drive as she is to look at! In our first year together, Puss has been all over Skye, as well as twice to Devon and Hampshire, twice to Inverness, and once each to Dundee, Glasgow and Dumfries.

For this post, in celebration of being a Skye Kat for one year, the subject of the images is Puss herself, and sensational Skye provides a picture-perfect backdrop. (The photo captions refer to the backgrounds...!!)

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Above Gesto

Towards Ardtrek Point

The Cuillin

Stein jetty

The road to Glen Brittle

The Skye Bridge from Kyleakin

Above Camas na Sgianadin, near Broadford

Loch Bracadale from Feorlig

Loch Dunvegan

Stein jetty

The Storr